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DevOps Engineer
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Enterprise, Technology & Performance
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Cloud, Consulting
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Who we are looking for
We are looking for a DevOps Engineer with cloud experience to help us build functional systems that improve development experience. You will be working directly with clients or internal teams on 1 or more projects depending on scope of responsibilities, however mostly it means that you have 1 core project with some additional works during less demanding periods.
  • Deployment into environments (DEV, TEST, PROD)
  • Monitor and maintain cloud environments
  • Identifying production issues from logs and additional monitoring pipelines
  • Define operation procedures and documenting them
  • Security testing
  • Provide Level 2 technical support
  • Build tools to reduce occurrences of errors and improve customer experience
  • Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance

Technical skills (the more you have at higher level and experience the more senior position you will get):
  • Cloud engineering (You know what IaaC and SaaS means, you have experience with at least one cloud provider AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Networking and security (You understand terms like AD, SSO, SSL, Proxy, NAT Gateway)
  • Containerization (Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Scripting (Bash)
  • IaaC (Teraform or any cloud proprietary tool like CloudFormation or ARM)

In addition the following would be considered as an advantage:
  • Knowledge of backend languages (Python, C#, Java)
  • Knowledge of frontend (React, Angular)
  • Databases (SQL)
  • ELK Stack
  • MLOps (Kubeflow, MLFlow, ReadyAPI, Spark)
  • Monitoring Stack (ELK, Prometheus, Grafana)

Your future role
What does a DevOps Engineer do at Deloitte?
The DevOps engineer work to ensure that code releases go smoothly, analyzing data for improvements and optimization. They manage software development operations, implement engineering tools and use their process knowledge to streamline updates or creation. Depending on experience and interest they are usually called as subject matter experts during client discussions for answering questions like which monitoring tool is better for our use case (CloudWatch vs Grafana vs Kibana) and help us scope required work.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer?
DevOps Engineers are responsible for creating and maintenance of environment where software can run and exists. In addition, you try to automate and optimize this code for eventual outages.

What makes a Good DevOps Engineer at Deloitte?
You should be able to conceptually understand various solutions and provide it with optimal environment for its safe and continuous execution. In case something breaks you should be able, in measured way, evaluate source of the issue and communicate or resolve the issue to relevant stakeholders (technical as well as non-technical).

Who does a DevOps Engineer work with at Deloitte?
Most of the time you will be working with other coders but given that Deloitte is consulting company you will need to communicate with business stakeholders and direct clients as well. Beauty and challenge of working at Deloitte is that how much time you spend on technical work versus designing and business engagement is in your hands.

What we offer
  • Professional and personal development opportunities
  • Comprehensive and on-going learning
  • Professional team and nice working atmosphere
  • Connection to Deloitte's international network of professionals
  • Competitive compensation package, including food vouchers, 4 wellness days, events and corporate gifts
  • Real impact on the business solutions;
  • Work in one of the world’s largest consulting firms.
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About Deloitte
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