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Salesforce / Senior Consultant
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Gdaňsk, Katovice, Krakov, Lodž, Poznaň, Varšava, Vratislav
Deloitte Digital
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Who we are looking for
Salesforce Senior Consultant 
Location: Warsaw / remote work

Apply if you: 

  • Implemented Salesforce at all stages of the process for at least 2 years in total. The more the better
  • Are curious about the details of the stories you hear and can recount it afterwards 
  • Can explain to the 5-year-old how a chosen machine works 
  • Figure out the workarounds when you can't go straight 
  • Like people, but don't need them all the time 
  • Want to be paid fairly and get dedicated days to prepare for SF exams 
  • Understand English spoken in series with no subtitles 
  • Value transparent communication  
  • Desire meaningful projects 
  • Plan to get certified as Accredited Professional 
  • See value in experience sharing, trivial chats and outside of the box ideas that the office life brings
  • Have an idea to write this job posting better 


Your future tasks: 

The future is now: 

  • You are responsible for your development as a Salesforce practitioner and team member
  • Your coach holds your hand while you walk the career path you design for yourself
  • The chest with paid certifications, trainings, internal projects, volunteering options and other jewels awaits you anytime you want to learn something new 
  • You work in an international team with international clients
  • In any doubt you ask your colleagues or HR and reach out to Learning & Development team
  • You slap high fives with most senior people in the team because we respect each person, not only the level
  • You advertise client 360 view from experience - also because you have one in the office, from 35th floor
  • You can walk around the floor, meet people from different teams and guilds
  • This allows you to get a new perspective when you're stuck
  • You deliver

What we offer
Deloitte comes to you not only with foosball, travel insurance, psychological care, and no dress-code, but also with Adventure Club, volunteering and certification days, free access to e-learning and business platforms, Business Chemistry assessment and so much more! Apply and ask yourself if we provide the benefit you dream of.  
About the team

Deloitte Digital is a unique combination of competences in the field of building strategies for business, generating creations and the use and deployment of modern technologies. This enables even the most demanding projects in the field of digital transformation, design, implementation of digital services and products.  

Salesforce Team is formed by 200 people in 8 countries with a broad range of specializations, including various technology stacks, 30 team members have over 5 years of experience with Salesforce. There is always somebody to answer your questions because this is how we learn from each other. 

In the office you always come across somebody with barista skills. 


Deloitte is a Global Partner of Salesforce, year by year winning the awards for most innovative projects, developing assets, and running talent initiatives, while our practitioners get MVP titles.  


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