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Circular Economy Consultant/Senior Consultant |Sustainability & Economics
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Who we are looking for:

  • 2+ years of relevant work experience - previous experience in professional services, particularly within a waste management / circular economy consulting firm is preferred;
  • Engineering degree in environmental engineering or derivative (ideally complemented with some business work experience);
  • Knowledge of regulatory issues related to sustainable development, in particular Environmental Protection and Waste Management (including Environmental Protection Law, The Act on Waste, and the package of circular economy directives);
  • Familiarity with Extended Producer Responsibility regulations and best practices in this sphere;
  • Strong skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis;
  • Bright, resilient, detail-oriented, critical and strategic thinker – able to solve complex problems;
  • Competencies in teamwork for the delivery of projects for both private and public clients, also in an international context;
  • Attention to detail and commitment to deliver high-quality work products;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities and deliver commitments on time and within the set budget;
  • Ability to track and analyse changes in the field of circular economy;
  • Excellent written and spoken business communication skills, including preparation of reports and PowerPoints in both Polish and English.

Additional advantages and preferred skills include:

  • Working knowledge of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA);
  • Knowledge of technological solutions for municipal waste management;
  • Competence in the characteristics of basic packaging materials;
  • Familiarity with regulatory issues in the energy sector (including the Energy Law and the Act on Renewable Energy Sources);
  • Understanding of current issues and developments in the Polish and European economy.
Years of Experience
Master's degree

What your future role will be:

  • Participation in circular economy consulting projects, in particular projects focused on eco-design, waste prevention and waste management in accordance with sustainable development;
  • Defining and implementing strategies & new business models that address today’s business needs (in both the public and private sector) and future growth (including recognizing opportunities for growth & cost reductions through a circular economy lens)
  • Monitoring relevant regulations and preparing solutions for our clients;
  • Development of analyses and forecasts relating to environmental protection, with particular emphasis on waste management;
  • LCA calculations;
  • Preparation of contributions and content editing of project publications;
  • Participation in local, regional and global projects and initiatives devoted to sustainable development and circular economy;
  • Participation in projects concerning the analysis of the impact of social and economic phenomena on the environment and management of such impacts on the natural environment;
  • Risk analysis and designing solutions to manage them.

What we offer:

  • Hands-on experience in consulting;
  • Opportunity for fast career growth;
  • Day to day work & learn with the team of experts & recognized industry leaders;
  • Professional skills and consulting toolkit development across wide range of sustainability areas;
  • Exciting projects with industry leaders to address their challenges and provide innovative and creative solutions;
  • Dedicated career advisor: in every step of your way with Deloitte you will be guided by your mentor. 
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About the team

Sustainability  team provides support to private and public companies in their transformation from economically-oriented entities to organizations that consciously build their value through active management of the economic, social and environmental impact. The team consists of economists, engineers and environmentalists.

Recruitment Journey:

Stage 1  - will carefully read your resume

Stage 2 – you will be asked to complete an analytical and English online test

Stage 3 – you will be invited for HR interview (online)

Stage 4 - you will be invited for Hiring Manager interview (including case study) (online)

Recruiter tips

We want job seekers exploring opportunities at Deloitte to feel prepared and confident. We suggest you to do your research: know some background about the organization and the business area you’re applying to. Moreover we advise you to brush up on your behavioral and case interviewing skills and practice discussing your experience and job history with a family member, friend or mentor.