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Junior Consultant | Delivery Solutions
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Administrative Support, Global Employer Services, Transfer Pricing, VAT - Indirect Tax Consulting
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Accounting, Administration, Business Development, Finance, Legal, Tax
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        An ambitious person willing to pursue their professional careers

        Fluent conversational and written English

        A student in the final years of university or a person who has just graduated. Major in economics, finance, accounting, mathematics, IT is a plus but definitely not a requirement;

        Non-graduate professional with work experience in tax, finance or accounting;

        Interested in the international business environment and professional development;

  • Ability to speak German or French is a plus
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As a Junior Consultant at Deloitte CE Delivery Solutions, you will be supporting our teams in the delivery of tax, finance, and accounting engagements to our clients. You will be part of one of our teams working on distinct activities related to this area and will be supported by experienced and highly skilled practitioners.

🔍 Some of your key responsibilities and the areas we will be training you on:

International Collaboration: Facilitate communication with our global project team, ensuring efficient information gathering and project coordination.

Taxation and Finance Documentation: Take charge of preparing taxation and finance related forms and documents with attention to detail.

Data Management: Conduct comprehensive research in databases, collating and updating information to maintain accurate records.

Analytical Precision in Calculation: Utilize Excel and specialized tools to prepare calculations with precision and accuracy.

Document Organization: Assist in the meticulous organization and preparation of various documents to ensure a systematic workflow.

Team Assistance: Provide essential support for daily business tasks, contributing to the overall efficiency and success of the team.

Your journey with us promises not just responsibilities but a meaningful contribution to our collective success. Ready to embark on this professional adventure? 🌐🚀 #TeamContributor #FormalExcellence #YourRoleMatters

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🌍 Explore a World of Opportunities

Embark on a career with Deloitte's delivery solutions network where you'll be at the heart of creating a center of excellence with specialized spoke teams across multiple countries. Dive into the dynamic realm of compliance services and become a part of them navigating the intricacies of regional and global business.

💡 What we offer:

Global Impact: Work on projects that span the globe, collaborating with international clients and contributing to their success.

Language of Success: Enjoy working in an English-speaking environment that fosters effective communication and collaboration.

Flexibility Redefined: Embrace a hybrid workplace with freedom to balance your work schedule between the comfort of your home and our office.

Unleash Your Potential: Deloitte is not just a workplace; it's a platform for your personal and professional growth. Seize the opportunity to develop your skills and carve out your path to success.

Learning Without Limits: Gain access to our global e-learning platform, where knowledge knows no boundaries. Elevate your expertise and stay ahead of the curve.

Career Launchpad: Kickstart your career in a company that values your ambition. Deloitte provides a launching pad for your professional journey.

Balancing Act: Achieve work-life harmony with the option to enroll in a reduced working hours scheme, demonstrating our commitment to your well-being.

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Ready to dive into the dynamic world of business? Deloitte Delivery Solutions is your gateway to an exciting career where we not only welcome you from day one but actively nurture and support your development.

Ready to make your mark from day one? Join Deloitte, where your journey is not just a job; it's an adventure in growth and success! 🚀✨ #DeloitteCareerJourney #BusinessWorldExploration #YourSuccessOurCommitment

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O Deloitte

The Deloitte Central Europe regional delivery capabilities tap into a talent pool of nearly 2500 regional tax advisory specialists and lawyers and over 500 tax, finance, accounting and legal compliance and technology development delivery experts, professionally fluent in over 20 languages, offering a multitude of business solutions services driving value for our firm and our clients.

The Deloitte CE Delivery Solutions operates seamlessly as a center of delivery excellence, featuring a core hub in Sofia and specialized spoke teams throughout the Central Europe region local countries. We provide our customers with tax, finance, accounting, and legal business support compliance and reporting services.

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Our teams are involved in a variety of business services ranging from co-sourced and outsourced tax, accounting and finance, payroll, preparation of transfer pricing benchmarking analyses, global mobility and immigration, legal business support, alternative asset portfolio servicing, as well as business direct and indirect tax compliance and reporting with high focus on technology development supported by a specialized Generative AI Center of Excellent team.