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Manager iOS Developer | Deloitte Digital
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European Regional Delivery Center (RO)
Deloitte Digital
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Digital, IT - Development
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Who we are looking for

·        6+ years experience in Mobile and iOS developing.

·        Proficient in Swift.

·        Strong OOP knowledge.

·        Can clearly articulate the advantages and disadvantages of POP vs OOP.

·        Has experience with Objective-C.

·        Excellent in applying SOLID principles and how to adopt them as part of the development activities.

·        Strong knowledge in clean architecture and code modularity.

·        Excellent knowledge in code architecture patterns, such as MVC, MVVM, MVP, VIPER.

·        Strong knowledge of common iOS design patterns (for example, delegate, observer, factory), knows what an anti-pattern is.

·        Can explain the difference between declarative and imperative programming and is comfortable in coding in both paradigms.

·        Proficient functional programming and how to apply high order functions.

·        Can clearly articulate the differences between dependency managers and what is the best one to use based on clients needs.

·        Experience with Push Notifications.

·        Strong knowledge in Generics and how to apply them.

·        Can set up a continuous integration environment.

·        Excellent knowledge in unit and UI tests.

·        Knows how to apply Apple's HIG and design principles.

·        Excellent knowledge in git.

·        Good knowledge in SwiftUI and Combine.

·        Strong knowledge in CoreData and designing offline modes for the mobile apps.

·        Experience with Realm.

·        Knows the full life cycle of an iOS application, from early steps to publishing to App Store.

·        Strong overall knowledge of iOS security.

·        Good knowledge in multithreading, GCD, OperationQueues, Swift 5.5 Concurrency Model (async await, actors, Sendable protocol, tasks).

·        Keeps himself up-to-date with latest trends in iOS programming.

·        Excellent communication skills.

·        Strong knowledge in Agile methodology and good knowledge in at least one framework, such as Scrum or Kanban.

·        Good mentor and pro-active in teaching our junior colleagues.

·        Sets the mobile principles for the projects he is part of.

·        Empowers others and actively contributes to their development plan by being their coach.

Your future role

·        Be part of the development stage of fully-fledged apps / features.

·        Develop features with high quality standards for apps visited by millions of customers.

·        Very pro-active in learning new stuff and keeping up-to-date with latest trends.

·        Support the entire application lifecycle: concept, design, test, release and support.

·        Improve agile delivery processes, using collaboration tooling such as JIRA.

·        Coach our colleagues that are less experienced in iOS programming.

·        Enforces unit test coverage, contributes to setting up quality and security checks, performs, or contributes to audits.

·        Define architecture guidelines, mobile principles, give recommendations, advise clients and various stakeholders of adopting solutions.

·        Creates technical designs and works on strategic solutions/features that will be determine the direction of the project

·        Technical leading teams.

What we offer

·        Fast-paced working environment within geographically distributed teams.

·        Greenfield projects! Opportunity to contribute to high volume web-facing containerized applications.

·        Manage, provision and version cloud environments leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

·        Exposure to wide variety of cutting-edge technologies and frameworks.

·        Chance to get involved and drive prototype projects (Mobile apps, IoT stuff etc.) as part of the Deloitte Digital Developers community.

·        Trainings! We encourage you to attend as many as possible and conduct some to help your colleagues grow while developing your soft skills.

Selection process
*We thank all applicants in advance for submitting their resumes but please note that only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.
About Deloitte
Deloitte ERDC provides IT services to member firm clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We are part of a strongly integrated global network of Deloitte Delivery Centers. Our methods, breadth and depth in capabilities, and experienced teams uniquely position us to deliver solutions that traditionally would not have been candidates for nearshoring. Our capabilities span several domains and technologies from Data, Analytics, BigData, to Enterprise Technology – SAP, CRM - Salesforce, e-Commerce - Hybris, Human Capital – SuccessFactors & Workday to System Integration and Engineering in Java, Mobile, DevOps, Front-End.
About the team

Your input to feature definition, design and build is quite key to making sure our end-users rate our apps with 5 shining stars.